Behind the scenes about WPfomify. 

We built it, because we wanted to use it.

There's an old saying that necessity is the mother of all the inventions. That's how WPfomify came into existence.

WPfomify was developed with our own needs of displaying customer activity on our websites. We built WPfomify for in-house use and got it working for PowerPack Beaver Addons and DiviMonk websites.

A lot of visitors on our sites asked us how we were displaying those notifications and if these were real. It made us think that we could build it and launch it for everyone to use.

WPfomify is made with a goal of displaying real time customer activity to build trust. That's why we have integrations for popular plugins and web services. These features ensure that you use it in the right way and display only real data 😉

Our Story

In 2009, Puneet started his online career as a Freelance WordPress Developer. Soon after completing his formal education in 2012, he began a WP design and development agency, IdeaBox Creations. After a few years of offering client services, the team at IdeaBox decided to start building premium WordPress products.

Our first WordPress product, PowerPack Beaver Addons, was launched in June 2016. It received a good response and motivated the entire team. In the first year itself, we had over 4000 users.

Moving on, we decided to launch our second product for Divi Theme as a cloud based template library - DiviMonk.

WPfomify is our third product. Built by the same team with same love and passion for making amazing stuff.