MailChimp is a leading marketing automation platform and an email marketing service. This tool is capable enough to change the way you market your products. Currently, MailChimp is sending 10 Billion emails every month on behalf of its users!

With the WPfomify, you can take this email Marketing tool to a whole another level by showing your opt-ins and subscription conversions to the users!


WPfomify & MailChimp Integration Features

Display Email Signups

WPfomify Integrates with the MailChimp to displays signup activity on your website in real time.

Increase Conversions

Displaying customer subscription activity on your website will help you build credibility and will increase your list as well!

Connect with a List

WPfomify allows you to connect your notifications with your list of contacts on MailChimp.

Limit Subscription Display

You can limit the number of Subscriptions you want to show on the website via notifications.

Other Impressive Features

Easy To Setup

WPfomify's well thought UI makes it easy to use and setup. Get started quickly.

Designing options

WPfomify lets you fully design how your notifications pop-up will look like regarding color, font, design, etc.

Responsive Design

WPfomify lets you decide if the notifications appear on mobiles, desktop or not and that too with a single click!

Granular Tracking

You can choose who sees the notification, when they see it and even how many times they see it.

Easy Conversion Tracking

You can easily Track the performance using the Tracking features via the Campaign source or the marketing medium.

World Class Support

We take pride in building great products and offering friendly support.

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