WPfomify Documentation

How WPfomify drives conversions?

With numerous digital shops and service providers getting in the online space, as a store owner, or a service provider or even as a blogger it ‘s hard to get traction that was possible a decade ago. It is also equally difficult for a potential user to trust your offering.

The missing piece is – the connection and trust. You leave no stone unturned to put the best image of your business on your website. You curate the best content and even minimize profits and put the best deals in front but still, the conversions look pale.

Enter WPfomify. We observed that customers trust a brand, business or service more when they can see others using it. Till now, you had limited means of showing how people are interacting with your product in real-time or on your website but with WPfomify this gets solved.

WPfomify provides you the option to show real-time and recent ‘Customer Activity’ on your website to the visitors in the form of Notifications Bar, Conversions, floating button, and Reviews. It helps you build trust, sense of faith in the product and even a sense of urgency to grab a deal at times.

To sweeten the deal, WPfomify integrated with most of the major players including WooCommerce, GiveWP, Easy Digital Downloads and many others which are in the development pipeline.

In fact, even if you don’t use any of the integrations mentioned above, you can leverage the WPfomify offerings with the ‘Custom’ option.