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About Beta Versions

When we start working on a big update for WPfomify, we make sure that there are a couple of beta versions available before the stable version goes live. These beta versions are packed with new features and functionalities, and if you wish to use the beta version and give your feedback, you can do that too until the stable version is ready.

We highly recommend you to use and test the beta version in a test environment only. Do not use the beta version on a live site as it allows you to try the features and functionalities of the upcoming versions without any fear of bugs and breaking your live website.

There will be multiple minor updates for the beta versions until we are 100% sure about releasing the final version.

Things to keep in mind before using the beta version –

Beta versions are released a month or weeks before the final release. We make sure that the beta version made available is well tested, but still, there might be some bugs here and there that you might find. We would love to hear from you about these bugs.

When the beta version is in the process, there is a freeze on the code. This means that only the current recorded bugs and errors will be fixed. Other than this, any request for a new feature will be considered only in the next major update.

Where to find the Beta version?

You can download the beta version of the plugin from the My Accounts page. Under downloads, you will be able to find the beta version of the plugin.

How to Install a Beta Version?

To install a beta version, follow the steps given below –

Step 1: If you have the WPfomify plugin installed on your test website, deactivate and install it

Step 2: Download the beta version from the My Account page.

Step 3: Install the downloaded plugin from the Add Plugins page.

How to Update the Plugin?

We do not give out auto updates for the beta version of the plugin. So, to switch from a beta version to an updated version, download the updated plugin and install it manually.

Let us know!

If you want to share something with us, do it! We would love to know about a new feature you would want to see in the plugin or if you face any problem or found a bug, do tell us about it using our Contact Page.

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