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How to integrate LearnDash addon with WPfomify?

Integrating WPfomify with LearnDash is very simple but before we begin, first make sure you have these three things,

  • WPfomify Plugin installed and activated.
  • LearnDash plugin installed and activated.
  • WPfomify LearnDash Addon installed and activated.

How Integrating WPfomify with LearnDash will help me?

WPfomify LearnDash Conversions add-on when enabled, will automatically show all the Course enrollments happening on the website to all the visitors. Doing this helps in building trust with the courses offered and pushes more subscriptions as well.

To install and activate the LearnDash add-on, go to WP-admin > WPfomify > Addons. Find the add-on and click on the Install button and once the add on is installed, click on the activate button. LearnDash add-on will be activated.

Now, since we are all set, let’s understand how to integrate LearnDash with WPfomify.

Step 1: Click the Add new option under the WPfomify menu in WP admin. Give a proper name for it.

Step 2: In the Config Tab, select the Conversion option from the Type drop-down.

Step 3: You can now see the notification preview on the bottom-right of the screen. Also, as soon as you select the Conversions option, you can see the options to control the image/avatar of the user in the notification.

Want more detailed Description of the Config Tab? Click here.

Make sure that you have the LearnDash add-on installed and activated along with the base WPfomify plugin.

Step 4: Now, move on to the Content tab where you will see the drop-down for providing the source. Choose LearnDash from the same. Once you do that, you’ll instantly see other contextual options showing up in the Content tab.

Note: If you cannot find the LearnDash, check again that you have all the above-listed plugins downloaded and installed properly.

Here, you can alter the Notification template’s content. You can enter the Notification Template’s text and select the course from the list and limit the number of enrollments. If you want to learn more about the Content tab, learn it here.

Step 5: Now it comes to the designing of the Notification box. For that, switch to the Design tab from the left side. The design tab will allow you to control the look and design of your notifications. Here just by toggling the options and entering the values, you can set the color, background, border, shadow etc.

It is all pretty standard, but if in case you are having trouble understanding the Design Tab, you can learn about it here.

Step 6: Now we need to tell the notification box when, where & how many times it will show up. For this, move onto the Visibility tab. This tab lets you decide how, when, where and how frequent the Notification will show up. If you have doubts, learn how to use the visibility tab.

Make sure that you have LearnDash add-on installed and activated along with the base WPfomify plugin

Step 7: Now comes the tracking part. To begin, click on the Tracking Tab. This tab lets you add campaign parameters to URLs so you can track Custom Campaigns in Google Analytics.

Want to learn more about the Tracking Tab? – Click here.

Once you are done, click on the Publish button to make the notifications live.